27 Juli 2007

In the middle of Nordic depression

So, this is a premiere. Having survived Budapest courtyards' bars and having lost my most precious appartment on the 16th floor, I find myself on the edge of our continent. I am happy to welcome new English-speaking readers, because despite of the strongest efforts of German speakers in the CEU, the official language was kept to be English. On this occasion I want to thank all of you who were there on the last night in Budapest, the ones that could not come and also the others that I had met during these 8 months, for having increasingly intensive time with each other.

Well, after the sunshine, there doesn't need to be always rain. But the weather here in the Baltic states quite represents my state of mind on these days. Question be if the weather is maybe the determining factor for my mood, but that sounds too easy to me.

So, I am looking forward to come back to Switzerland soon, and I bet that there will be a nice, relaxing summertime.